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Sweet Rose Paint Scheme

'Sweet Rose'/'Dreaded Gomboo' was an F-86F FU-539 Sabre that served in the Korean War. It was piloted by Kenneth C. Ewing and maintained by its crew chief Walter Yocum Jr. (Wally). Join Wally's son, Eric Yocum, in honoring his father by sponsoring the paint job for the F-86 in the Korean War Memorial at Planes of Fame Air Museum. If the $20,000 sponsorship goal is reached, the F-86 will be painted in the FU-539 Sweet Rose paint scheme. 



Walter Yocum Jr. (Wally), was assigned as the crew chief of the F-86F FU-539 Sabre during the Korean War. He quickly added his sweethearts name to the nose, “Sweet Rose”. Wally started dating Rose after high school. He eventually married her the year he returned to the United States on November 5, 1955 in Pennsylvania. They had four children together: Ken, Steve, Tom and Eric. Eric heard about the Korean War Memorial at Planes of Fame and approached the museum with the idea to paint the memorial F-86 in honor of his father.


The pilot of the aircraft Kenneth C. Ewing had “Dreaded Gomboo” painted on the nose on his side of the aircraft. The name signified an infectious disease. According to his son, the name was on the plane when he was assigned to it. Ken liked it, and decided to keep it.

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$20,000 of $20,000 goal!

Raised by 22 donors.

Recent Donations:

Renaissance Charitable Foundation Inc.

In honor of Ken Ewing

$13,627  ∙  Dec. 12, 2019

Ginger Barkley

$100  ∙  Oct. 13, 2019

Gates Family

$100  ∙  Oct. 8, 2019

Groove Subaru

$2500  ∙  Sept. 27, 2019

Amy Pratt

$20  ∙  Sept. 20, 2019

Robert Ewing

$150  ∙  Sept. 14, 2019

Korean War Memorial

A Tribute to The Forgotten War

The Korean War Memorial will be located in front of the Planes of Fame Air Museum. The memorial will commemorate the sacrifices of the 5.8 million Americans who served in the U.S. armed services during the three-year period of the Korean War. The War was one of the most hard fought in our history. During its relatively short duration from June 25, 1950 to July 27, 1953, over 36,000 Americans died in hostile actions in the Korean War theater. Of these, 8,200 are listed as missing in action, lost, or buried at sea. In addition, 103,284 were wounded during the conflict. 

Project Updates


Today we set the MiG-15 on it's new foundation! Next step will be a fresh paint job, taking the MiG from Russian markings to North Korean markings. Our landscape architect is working on the plans for the plant bed around the MiG. The idea is to use berms and mounds to give the MiG a more "crash landed" effect. The area will then be planted with grasses and shrubs to accentuate the effect. 

Body work and mounting brackets have been completed on the F-86. To make the aircraft as light as possible, most of the systems have been removed. The aircraft is now on the wash rack being stripped, sand blasted, and brightened. We should have a date in the next week or so from the paint shop as to when they will be fitting the F-86 into their schedule. The paint shop will do the initial silver base and then the aircraft will come back to Planes of Fame for the detail paint work and Sweet Rose/Dreaded Gomboo markings. 


Unfortunately, we still do not have a Dedication Ceremony date due to COVID-19 restrictions on gatherings.

20200526_123709 (1).jpg


Work has begun on the aircraft to prepare it for paint! The canopy has been removed and is being reinforced with carbon fiber to provide lasting strength.  Sheet metal work is being completed to smooth out the body of the aircraft. The mount on the bottom of the aircraft where it will attach to the pole is being worked on and the pole itself is currently being manufactured. Unfortunately, we do not have a target opening date due to the current uncertain circumstances related to COVID-19 and the museum currently being closed but as soon as we can we will pick a Dedication Ceremony date. 



Thanks to the generous donations and advocacy work of the families of Ken Ewing and Wally Yocum; the Sweet Rose/Dreaded Gomboo paint scheme is fully funded! The exciting work to complete the F-86 can now begin. Work on the aircraft is scheduled to begin in early 2020. The support pole is currently being engineered and will be fabricated while the aircraft is being finished. New site renderings have been made and the architect is updating the plans for permitting, which will be submitted for approval in early 2020. Storyboards and content for the displays and memorial elements are being drafted now. We are very excited to move from the funding and planning stages of this project to the implementation phase! A dedication and ribbon cutting ceremony will be held in 2020, the date has not yet been chosen. 

KWM Human View.jpg
KWM Site Plan.jpg

October 13, 2019: UPDATED SITE PLAN

An artist concept of the complete site to scale has been completed! The original site plan did not include any features on the far side of the F-86. A path will now encircle the F-86 to provide a 360 view of the aircraft. Much better to view the Sweet Rose/Dreaded Gomboo paint scheme!

Korean War Memorial Site Plan.jpeg

August 14, 2019: PAINT SCHEME DRAFTED!

The F-86 will be fixed in a banked position (see artist design concept above) which means the right side of the aircraft will be more difficult for visitors to see. To ensure the crew chief name, pilot name, and both aircraft names will be visible, a modified paint scheme has been proposed. The new design will keep the essence of the original artwork of FU-539 but will incorporate both "Sweet Rose" and "Dreaded Gomboo" designs on the left side of the aircraft. The right side of the aircraft will remain unchanged and true to the original design. 

PlanesOfFame suggestion.jpg

Check back for more updates coming soon!

Project Donors

Project Donors

Richard Ewing

$500  ∙  Aug. 8, 2019

Ken Yocum

$500  ∙  Aug. 9, 2019

Josh Hughes

$25  ∙  Aug. 15, 2019

Greg Davies

$50  ∙  Aug. 19, 2019

Amy Telg

$50  ∙  Aug. 25, 2019

Conan Garrett

$30  ∙  Sept. 9, 2019

Robert Ewing

$150  ∙  Sept. 14, 2019

Bob Ewing

$500  ∙  Aug. 8, 2019

Thomas Yocum

$539  ∙  Aug. 9, 2019

Kevin King

$50  ∙  Aug. 16, 2019

Tom & Nancy Bentz

$25  ∙  Aug. 21, 2019

Nancy Ewing

$500  ∙  Aug. 26, 2019

Amy Pratt

$20  ∙  Sept. 20, 2019

Gates Family

$100  ∙  Oct. 8, 2019

Eric Yocum

$539  ∙  Aug. 9, 2019

Stephanie O'Leary

$50  ∙  Aug. 14, 2019

Willard Dunbar Jr

$100  ∙  Aug. 19, 2019

Otha Vaughan

$20  ∙  Aug. 23, 2019

Aurora Paraoan

$25  ∙  Sept. 6, 2019

Groove Subaru

$2500  ∙  Sept. 27, 2019

Ginger Barkley

$100  ∙  Oct. 13, 2019

Renaissance Charitable Foundation Inc.

In honor of Ken Ewing

$13,627  ∙  Dec. 12, 2019

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